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We trade Screws, Bolts, Nuts, Washers, Threaded Rods and stainless steel Fixing.

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FIMINOX Special Products on Drawing Special Turned Products

Special Drawned Products

The experience, flexibility and taste of novelty make FIMINOX a reliable and competent partner expecially in the field of special cold forged fasteners and turned small metal parts.

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Standard Stainless Steel Fasteners

INOX Standard

Over 2,500 tons of Stainless Steel Standard Bolts and Screws are available on stock.

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FIMINOX Kanban Service

Kanban Consignment Stock

Q: "What about save Time and Money?
A: "Easy. Be Kanban!"
Reduce the resources used for procurement to dedicate your time to more valuable activities.

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FIMINOX Certification and Quality

Certifications and Quality

Our certifications guarantee the total quality of our products and the control of technology and the entire production process.

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48 years of experience

Fiminox has been established in 1971 with the intention of becoming an important supplier in stainless steel fasteners world, aiming to develop itself into an ideal partner for both small businesses and large multinationals. Having a strong expertise in standard stainless steel fasteners, Aisi304 and Aisi316 in particular, it was absolutely necessary for us to expand our product range, therefor starting to produce custom items based on customer drawings. The strategy of becoming a company specialized in both distribution and production, partner of important companies in various sectors such as oil & gas, construction, food&beverage industry, has turn Fiminox into a leader company in standard and special stainless steel parts market, with a continuous research for the best possible service, with technology and logistics computerization and constant quality control of the products.

Technology and Reliability


Professionalism means recognizing the need of a customer and knowing how to fulfill it. For Fiminox, guaranteed quality compare to deadlines and great reliability in commercializing INOX screws and bolts, are pillars of daily activity, as well as the main strength.


The high quality service offered comes from the experience gained in the field of stainless steel fasteners both in the unified market and in the production of special parts.


A high technological level is essential in order to guarantee certified products in compliance with the regulations in force. Since 2003 Fiminox has relied on a company quality system certified by DET NORSKE VERITAS (ACCREDIA accredited body) and recently updated according to ISO 9001: 2015 procedures; this guarantees our products according to the criteria of total quality with the control of technology and of the entire production process. The incoming controls are carried out with the most modern equipment that tests dimensional accuracy, functional and chemical correctness. The same attention is given to the checking out materials that are carried out through optical readers and bar codes and are based on a double level of verification.

Certified Company

Quality is one of the essential characteristics for a company that wants to present itself as one of the leading brands in its sector. But quality should not be sought only in its own products, because quality is in the DNA of a company. It means being sure that every production and sales phase follows the regulations that indicate their professionalism and ensure their reliability.
For this reason, Fiminox has been an ISO 9001 certified company for years, and as such is able to in turn certify the quality of its products thanks to cutting-edge control equipment.


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Standard Stainless Steel Fasteners

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Special Products on customer Drawing - Special Turned Products

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Small Turned Parts

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