1971 – 2021: together since 50 years!

Some goals deserve to be remembered. Among these, there is certainly the 50th Christmas of FIMINOX: our family!

Birthdays, especially round numbers, always represent a moment of evaluation.

We look back, at the own path we took and then we look forward, at our future challenges and at the new projects; always keeping in mind our companions, who have enabled us to make GREAT our COMPANY!

Among the feelings felt in this anniversary, we certainly have gratitude for the success and the solidity achieved through time. It couldn’t be otherwise.

For such reason, for our 50 years of activity, we have decided to leave a tangible sign, through two non-profit organizations operating in Africa: the Soleterre Foundation and the VISPE Association – (Italian Volunteers for Solidarity in the Emerging Countries).

We will guarantee the construction of: two new rooms in the Soleterre Community Home for children affected by cancer at Lacor Hospital in Gulu, Uganda and two new classrooms in the Saint Benoit Technical School in Bugenyuzi, Burundi, thanks to VISPE.

We believe that protecting the Right to Education and guaranteeing the Right to Health is a great step to continue looking at the future, together.

Bettinelli family

Here you are a short description of the 2 projects supported by FIMINOX

The Soleterre Community Home in Gulu (in Northern Uganda) is preparing for hosting new children affected by cancer.

Since 2002, Soleterre Foundation has been guarantying the Right to health and to life of children and teenagers affected by cancer, In Italy and all over the World. Every single sick child should have the opportunity to grew up, by defeating this disease.

This illness has serious consequences also for the relatives of a sick child. For that reason, it’s really important to take care at 360° of the whole family, by providing support in order to put the psychological, social and relational needs of the little patient on the top of the situation.

Hosting a child with cancer and his family, otherwise unable to cover the costs of staying far away from home during the period of treatments, means effectively guaranteeing the possibility of surviving tumor.

Thanks to our donation, Soleterre will be finally able to expand the Soleterre Community Home in Gulu: by building two new rooms that will increase the accommodation capacity by 16 beds. Within December 2021, St. Mary’s Hospital Lacor will allocate the spaces destinated to this construction.

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The Saint Benoit school in Bugenyuzi, Burundi, will host soon a new specialization course for local students.

The Technical School of San Benoit of Bugenyuzi was built, thanks to VISPE Assosiation, for supporting the efforts of the Burundi Government in the fight against poverty. In recent years, it has also represented a precious resource, capable of giving a concrete answer to the demand of teaching a skilled workforce. This school offers 3 training areas: Electromechanics, Industrial Electricity and General Mechanics. Each branch provides to the students the basic tools for complying with the requests of the market.

This skilled schooling level has given the opportunity to reduce the unemployment rate, to improve the standard of living of the Burundians and to expand the domestic market, thanks to the job carried out by the students that moved through the country and benefit of their training.

The government has recently approved the start up of a fourth specialization, which will expand the training offer with a course in: «Construction Management». This new branch involves the need of building two new classrooms and a new block of bathrooms for the students. With our donation, VISPE will be able to fully cover such costs of construction.

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