medical and psychological support in war areas

In UKRAINE, in support of soleterre Foundation

Saving the most seriously injured people and treating war traumas

FIMINOX secured funds for the equipment of 3 emergency ambulances, electromedical and medical instruments and for the work of two emergency psychologists

The activities of Soleterre Foundation together with the local partner Frontline Medics moved close to the area of Zaporizhzhia (south-eastern Ukraine) where the organization has now a stable presence inside a stabilization point in a village 25 Km far from the contact line. Here the medical staff (15 among surgeons and nurses) receive patients from the evacuation point. As soon as a patient is transferred from the contact line to the stabilization point the person is stabilized and then moved by the team to the Hospital in Pokrovske, where 13.000 patients were treated in the last year.

The Hospital in Pokrovske receives 100/130 patients per day and 30% of them are RED code. The most important cases Frontline Medics receives are head injured, abdominal injured, people in need of vascular surgery, amputations and pneumothorax surgery.

Currently Frontline Medics operates with three ambulances that are equipped to provide reanimation and stabilization of the most critical patients. Inside the ambulances Frontline Medics can provide oxygen, dry plasma, CPR and run small surgeries.

The funds donated by FIMONX in December 2022 also ensured the work of 2 emergency psychologists, vital for the psychic rehabilitation of war traumas of wounded civilians and medical staff too.


Photo: The stabilization point where the most seriously injured are treated before being transferred to Pokrovske Hospital.

Medical assistance for IDPs Frontline Medics: 98 people received care and underwent diagnostic tests

An additional activity was possible thanks to FIMINOX support. It started in collaboration with an IDP center close to Dnipro. The IDPs hosted in the center are mainly elderly (98 people) and all without identity documents. Because of that they cannot access the health system: family doctors or specialized care. The center was renovated, equipped and maintained by volunteers and donations.

Frontline Medics provides regular medical consultations and follow up for patients, in case of severe pathologies specialists are involved.