Rainbow Family Home

The Rainbow Family Home in Gulu expands to accommodate 32 children being treated for a pediatric cancer at the Regional Hospital

FIMINOX & Soleterre - Rainbow Family Home

The Rainbow Family Home is not just a home; it is the possibility for sick children and caregivers to be taken care of in an olistic way, receiving free treatment and services, which are equivalent to the possibility of becoming Great Against Cancer. (” Soleterre Onlus – Great against cancer” soleterre.org)

Thanks to FIMINOX for the renovation work

In February 2022, Soleterre started the expansion and redevelopment works to have additional spaces in a relatively short time.

The renovation has increased the reception capacity of the Family Home by 16 beds. Today the Rainbow Family Home can accommodate up to 32 children in care at the same time.

A result of great importance that allows more children to receive the necessary care in a timely manner, and for them and their parents to live the moment of illness in a more dignified and serene way.

The Rainbow Family Home, much more than this!

In addition to having more beds and new furnishings as mattresses, lockers…
All the common areas of the house have also been tiled. This allows better conditions of cleanliness and hygiene – indispensable for children with low immune defenses – as they are better washable than concrete floors.

Mosquito nets have been added to protect children and caregivers from the risk of contracting malaria, the incidence of which during the rainy season is also very high in Uganda.

And yet it has been possible to repair and in some cases replace sanitary ware and showers.
The courtyard became an equipped play area, because to cure is also to care!