Kan-Ban Fiminox

The Kan-Ban is a supply system and stocks management typical of “Lean Manufacturing”.

The peculiarity of Fiminox service is the strong personalization.

Our Kan-Ban system is tailor-made in order to meet the customer’s needs by proposing one or more customized logistics solution according to customer’s historical procurement habits.Paolo Bettinelli – kanban Manager

Stock always updated

Through Kanban Fiminox, the stock of articles is always updated and in line with the seasonality of the product, ready to meet the “extra orders” and with the guarantee of the constant availability of the items at the customer’s and Fiminox’s warehouses.

Detecting deficiencies

The system allows, in the case of companies with different stock points for different production lines, the enabling of several operators to detect deficiencies, making independent the procurement of individual production departments, each equipped with its own digital device.

Monitoring warehouses

Thanks to our Kanban system, customers can constantly monitor their warehouses in an easy and intuitive way, detect missing items and send orders directly.

Easy to use

In addition to the traditional supply services, Fiminox, thanks to the Kanban system, also offers a dedicated internet portal with the following services: display of re-orders orders in progress, monitoring of the state of preparation at the Fiminox warehouse, electronic DDT that allows automatic loading of the incoming material and any discharge from the purchase order through the dedicated portal.
Orders can be sent via a dedicated application of QR code reading on a smartphone or through a client / Fiminox barcode reader.

Free time for your Business

All packs and boxes are labeled with clear references for the customer and the supplier in order to directly make an easy allocation in the “spare box” at the time of delivery of the ordered material. Fiminox Kanban allows you to concentrate your efforts, significantly reducing reorder time, forgetting all the old phases of a supply process that is now outdated.

Consignment Stock

The Consignment Stock is a way of managing stocks through which the supplier provides the user with a stock of materials for collection at the time of their use in production. The supplier takes over the management and keeps precise stock at the customer.
1) Analysis of items, order to the supplier, receipt of goods, storage
2) With each withdrawal, the stock level is updated automatically via electronic picking
3) The articles are provided in the boxes.
4) Fiminox periodically checks the items stored for the customer by level the minimum level of stocks
5) All that is a regular shipment from the Fiminox warehouse to the Customer.